Mcgregor vs khabib ufc 219

UFC 229: Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs. Конор Макгрегор (2018) онлайн

При этом в подтрибунных помещениях определенные стычки между кавказскими и ирландскими болельщиками все же были: есть видео, как пьяного ирландца отправляют в глубокий нокаут. Макгрегор — кусок дерьма. После боя он сказал, что хотел бы встретиться с канадцем Жоржем Сен-Пьером — в ноябре го на «Мэдисон Сквер Гарден».

Старший брат Хабиба — Магомед — в субботу выложил в Инстаграм фотографии Нурмагомедова и Сен-Пьера, сделав к ним подпись: «В разработке на конец года». Бой Нурмагомедов vs Сен-Пьер — в разработке на конец года Хабиб не будет драться до конца года?

Хабиб Нурмагомедов: «Планирую встретиться с Конором МакГрегором на UFC 219»

Есть ребята более достойные. Причем не обязательно в клетке. Следующими на октагон выходят талантливые бойцы Александр Волков и Деррик Льюис.

В этом есть сомнения.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Конор Макгрегор: видео главного боя UFC — Чемпионат

И вообще, нужен ли Уайту бой с участием Хабиба, который публике был бы интересен исключительно со спортивной точки зрения? Mcgregor vs khabib ufc 219 словам дагестанца, он не будет драться до тех пор, пока не проведут бои его двоюродный брат Абубакар и партнер по команде Зубайра Тухуговза участие в беспорядках в Лас-Вегасе дисквалифицированные на год.

Логично, если его разыграют именно Фергюсон с Порье..

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  1. khabib is chewing the gum which is nothing out of the ordinary. one thing ive realised about not eating, intentionally or unintentionally skipping meals or just plain lacking in appetite is that i feel like an empty stomach contributes to bad breath (amongst other factors). its actually a good thing to have a churning stomach and active metabolism but then leaving the bad breath aside, occasional fasting does seem to have health benefits too…

  2. I’m sorry but he looks like he is about to die and he already got brain damage talking about 145 🙈

  3. Khabib at 145 .ha ha hahahahahahahaha YOU HAVE TO LAUGH .he looks like death at 155

  4. Only reason he will go down to 145lb is because conor would beat him 2-0 easily within a year.

  5. @ 45 max would rape him AND take 30% of his purse for missing weight

  6. 😂😂😂145 go fight nate 170 show McGregor something boys are not active enough all looking big pay day

  7. You know what Khabib told me? He said I want Frankie edgar for interim featherweight, Isnt he fucking awsome? — Daniel fatass got kick in the head Cormier

  8. This dude literally almost died earlier this year trying to make 155 and now hes saying hes gonna go fight at 145. Lmaooooooo

  9. Khabib not understanding some of the stupid questions being blasted at him.. Savage 🇬🇧🇷🇺

  10. Khabitch the Russian princess wants to fight smaller guys to feel superior

  11. This is no.1 bullshit …..move to 170 your real weight class and well see what you are really made of

  12. He has so much charisma and such a riveting personality ,no wonder he is such a big star .Its all about bums on seats .Like interviewing a camel

  13. lol instead of competing at 170 and higher classes he wants to go 145 ? pussy move

  14. Look at him right now he looks like a fucken skeleton how is he gonna make 145.

  15. I mean hes right that some guys are his current weight that fight at 145 but he has to realise theres a lot more going on , for example bone density . Hes built like a brick so im sure hes gonna have denser bones than Holloway and he will be much more drained in order to get to 145 . I like him a lot but i dont think he beats the champ at 145 . Holloway will just circle around him and make him tired

  16. Tony Ferguson is forcing him down. This happened after the Tony vs Lee fight. Its a great move by Khabib.

  17. Khabib will get slept by Connor or tapped by Tony. Other then that hes the king.

  18. Khabib making 145 is the same chance Hendricks dropping down to 155 and making weight. yepp not gonna happen xd !!

  19. Lol the title is a joke. If khabib was smart he would move up to 170 becuase in the last few years we have seen smaller fighters move up weight classes and dominate. Whittaker and gastelum are examples of how being hydrated and skilled can somthimes make up for the size advantage. Khabib would not be a super small welterweight and i belive his wresstling would be able to keep most of the fighters down. Only the biggest and best fighters would give him issues. I would love to see him fight mia.

    1. Stuart Richmond i think thats a lie i heard he walks around at 190 but still he would not be small at welterweight. He would kill himself trying to cut to 145. I dont know why hes soo scared the biggest guys like woodley or till walk around at 205. I only see a few fighters who can beat him like till,woodley, mia, masvidal and wonderboy the rest he should be able to beat easy.

  20. Is he retarded?
    Hed look like he ran from Auschwitz trying get to 145.

  21. haha ytf is everybody questioning khabib’s possible move to the featherweight division? Seen some comments saying “why move to 145 division, when he can’t even make it in the 155 division”. Who the fuck do you think you are?! He has 24 wins and zero losses ffs! Until someone defeats him, i don’t give a fuck about what people say. The guy is a fucking beast, nobody would stand a chance against him. It doesn’t matter which weight class

  22. So you want to go from almost dying to actually dying? Makes sense….

  23. Dude has one good weight cut and thinks he can do even more? Better be focusing on Barboza and not that division he has no chance making.

  24. This has to be a joke, right? The guy struggles to make 155, has had to pull out of fights because his body shut down after the weight cut, and now he wants to go down to featherweight? Its silly. Hes a welterweight and its only a matter of time before he misses 155 again…

  25. 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒❤❤❤❤Khabib💖💖💖💖💖🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  26. Thats not gonna happen. He needs to quit fucking around and move up to 170. RDA did it.

  27. Wouldnt it make more sense for him to move up to 170 and fight Woodley? And Woodley wants money fights so he would be down for it.

  28. Ummm are they smoking bowls in his camp? He almost died making 155. Dropping to 145 would be insane.

  29. How could anyone dislike this guy ? Khalabib to be anus nurmagamedov is a gentleman and a great representation of the sport, he composes himself quietly and every video I have seen of him he is very polite, he will be a fantastic LW/FW champion and a great role model, rant over, predictions — Khalabib TKO rd2 — condit decision — holly will retire wanderlie 1st rd head kick

    1. oh hes like 30 pounds heavier? didnt know that xd. Just wanted to say that it is not impossible to make 145 he seems much leaner now

  30. I heard he sometimes balloons to 205lbs thats alot of weight to cut and so very dangerous he could die its crazy talk no way he can do 145.

  31. He can make 145. Its just about how strict his diet is. I fight at welterweight and have an easy cut I’m 6’4” and weighing 176 when I wake up. I have been at 217 pounds and 6 percent body fat when I was 19 years old. It’s about less meals drink water and not other drinks and train. It works for my body but not everyone has a fast metabolism like me.

  32. Man Khabib, just go 170. If Dos Anjos beats Woodley, you can probably go up and take the WW belt and hold it for a while judging by how well you handled him during the last fight you had with him.

  33. He can make 145 with the right help he went ass backwards his last weight cut. He need to consider his body cut the bullshit. He will get put to sleep at 145 the brain will not hydrate fast enough.

  34. Statements like that are a result of too much Tiramisu with a high content of Liqueur. Will his coaches please please ban him from going near that stuff. He won’t even make weight for this fight never mind 145lbs. Lol

  35. So basically Khabib has to be the bigger man to even want to fight someone.

  36. This is a fucking joke right? If anything he should move up to welterweight!

  37. I like khalabeeb, but he was saying he couldn’t fight small guys like aldo when offered the fight. He wants to be a 2 division champ but he’s looked at woodely n thought ive no chance, this cunt can’t stop my take downs and break my face with his power, dont be a pussy either move up or stay at 155

  38. Calm down, guys….hes eyeing 1, 45 pound serving of Tiramisu. And if you dont think he can do it, you CLEARLY dont know shit about Khabib Nurmagomedov….😉🎂🍰🍮

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