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В году россиянин получил серьезную травму колена, а через год сламал ребро. Пришлось провести два года без боев. Ирландец овладел техниками бокса, капоэйры, карате, а также получил коричневый пояс по бразильскому джиу-джитсу.

Новости из мира спорта от : Хабиб: Конору лучше не провоцировать. Из Абу-Даби он не уедет.  Чемпион UFC в легком весе Хабиб Нурмагомедов высказался о возможных провокациях со стороны Конора Макрегора на турнире в Абу-Даби. «Из Абу-Даби ему будет тяжело уехать, в отличие от Бруклина. Пусть сидит, смотрит бои. But the upcoming war Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov in the lightweight category is something entirely different as they will stop at nothing to be world champions. As avid MMA fans the entire team is waiting for the ufc with huge anticipation. The Nurmagomedov vs McGregor fight date is set for the 6th of October and is immensely expected as it is the first time Conor McGregor will step on the octagon after his defeat to Floyd Mayweather in August   In case you expect or Conor McGregor to finish the fight with a knockout, the latter is tipped at at Bet, William Hill, BetStars and BetVictor. On the other hand, Khabib is stronger at ground fighting, as 8 wins by submission have occurred during his fights!. Cлужба поддержки: +7() [email protected] Copyright © «MELbet». Все права защищены и охраняются законом.

Тренер ирландца по вольной борьбе Сергей Пикульский. В августе года Конор дебютировал в профессиональном боксе против Флойда Мейвезера и проиграл в м раунде техническим нокаутом. В самой раскрученной MMA-организации россиянин одерживал победы на любой вкус: удушающими и болевыми, техническими нокаутами и единогласным решением судей.

У Хабиба 10 побед в Ultimate Fighting Championship. Первый профессиональный поединок ирландца в ММА состоялся в марте года. Бои Макгрегора отличались зрелищностью и все были завершены досрочно максимум — во втором раунде.

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  1. Mcgregor is a disrespectful loudmouth childish idiot and all his sorry ass fans are trash

  2. If his religion prohibits him from drinking, it is absolutely his call! No one should be allowed to make fun of rivals religious values and cultures!! Mcnuggets tapped the fuck out like he always does! His another delusional friend dilon danis thinks he can take on khabib and jon jones in the same week! Someone needs to kill this fucking team of crackheads and phonys.

  3. You can say what you want but the king of this sport is Conor Mcgregor THE NOTORIOUS

  4. Conor tried to copy the Mayweather blueprint…he went full retard and got his ass handed. He forgot that Floyd is once in a lifetime genius

  5. Connor looks like a fookin idiot.. Shut ur fookin mouth Connor.. I fookin hate Connor he is scared n nervous.. He looks like a fookin goat.. Thanks khabib u smash dana boy

  6. 1718 mark terroist Khabib is 100% right u look like clown that he does khabib in his pitch purple curtain looking suit. Dude is a joke

  7. Conor is not just physically weak against him also mentally . He speaks too much . A real mental bloke.

  8. Did any1 hear whistling wen conor was talking? I thought they was no fans?

  9. Lol 😁 😁 😁 😁. He lost to Khabib and his best comeback was punching a 50 year old man for saying bad thing about his whiskey? 😂 😂 😂 😂

  10. Seorang angkuh akan terlihat kecil di mata Allah SWT

    Lihatlah yg kalian banggakan seorang yang angkuh akhirnya kalah oleh ciptaan Allah SWT …

    Khabib = Umar Bin Khatab
    Kesombongan + Angkuh = conor :poop:

  11. Fast Foward To Today And Conor Is Actually The Least Respected UFC Fighter At The Moment

  12. you tap like shicken 4 time correction 5 times , khabib the G.O.A.T

  13. Love u khabib…keep it up….smash that person who will talk about your family and your religion..
    All The Best😘😘

  14. McGregor took the championship title from Aldo and got a swollen head. He lost to Khabib and cried like an Irish-baby 👶 👶🏻 LOL 😆LOL

  15. Khabib👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 conor👉🏻👌🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  16. I cant imagine drinking whiskey a couple of days before a fight can be any good for you?

  17. I realised something, why its called Khabib vs McGregor ? Khabib is name and McGregor is surname… It should be Khabib vs Conor or Nurmagomedov vs McGregor no?

  18. Khabib :do you really think you will enjoy it with me? Without a condom? 😂
    Mccuck :I will love it

  19. The fact Conor gloats about his crime and is allowed to is disgusting. Its funny watching this back and smiling with khabib at the ignorant shite coming from the dumb Irish cunt

  20. Connor wants to fight at press conference 😂.Wen khabib said location he meant no cameras.

  21. Khabib gave a master class inside the ring that gregor father didnt teach him exactly like how he said here and the lesson was learned by the hole gregor team and one thing gregor is drunk with one glass of wiskey

  22. Barking dog loser to silent smile lion…
    Lion:stop speak stupid
    Dog:auk auk aukkkkkkkkkk like yamcha lv3 super

  23. Khabib done exactly what he said , tired him , mould him , smash him and finally make him tapout what a great fighter he is .

  24. The whole gigantic championship belt this is fucking weird as a hell carry around a giant belt fucking weird

  25. 18:05 really tho. Whats gonna happen? What he gonna do? Coner just an irish bitch. Nothing mote

  26. Kamu boleh menghinaku
    Aku dari indonesia

  27. The fact that Conor looks so unprofessional and not like before is because of the whisky and all the money and fame he earned.
    Money took his enthusiasm in fight. Thats so sad even in fight day he wasnt giving his 100%. He did not looked like old him. So despite imma big fan i think Conor cant dominate in UFC anymore like hes used to

  28. McNugget acted like a bafoon for months, Khabib was impacted by McNuggets trash talk. It made money but it was a disaster for MMA’s rep. Dana “no neck” White is the sole person responsible and he is a coward for not cooling McNuggets racism and criminal behavior. He raped an Irish woman, punched and old man in a bar, why is he not in jail or banned from the UFC, enter Dickhead Dana White. Thanks for turning the sport I love into WWE. Now they are bringing this racist toilet of a human back to UFC. Good job Dana. You jerk. It’s about honor and respect, MMA is not about money and committing crimes.

  29. Что за английский у Конора? Пол конференции не понял.Хабиб и то четче и понятнее говорит

  30. Lol. When i know the result, i think everything Connor said just bullsh*t

  31. Funny watching this now.. Conor got his mouth, whiskey and left arm. Thats all. It didnt really work out well for him

  32. Now you watch it back you see Connor was just trying to get khabib to attack him in this press conference so the fight would’ve been cancelled

  33. Conor did this fr money…it wasnt personal..well for khabib it was..n he almost killed him

  34. Conor should absolutely ashamed hes exposed him self the guy is all talk. He needs to shut the F up.

    Jesus Conor needs lay off the coke this dude is a blabber mouth my god he needs to watch this and learn to shut his mouth

    10 min mark Conor said everything that he is what a deusch.

  35. Man khabib was pissed af when Connor started talking about his father but he was so cool under such anger just goes to show how much he is determined to win and not get tied up with unnecessary attention

  36. Conors a legend hands down Sonia khabib I dont like either of them especially khabib but give Conor some credit

  37. Connor has forgotton from where he came and in which situation he was before his career. Shame on him for his impudence. McGregor is a hypocrite, nothing more.

  38. connor:happy birthday! lets drink!
    khabib:i dont drink
    in octagon,he (connor) who was drunk was beaten by khabib. LOL😂🤣

  39. Conor was sooo impaired and sloppy u couldnt even takw him seriously here… Just like a lil yappin chihuahua, like it or not, this was the beginning of the end of Connor Mcgregor….

  40. Narcissist to the Max. Should be ashamed acted like he was 14 absolute JOKE.

  41. You ask your friend why he eat slap did you ask him oh my God am dead 😂😂😂😂😂 conor was well prepared and well coached his wrestling and conditioning was good and he was prepared for war before the fight and now all of a sudden he said he was injured not ready and many more excuses now thats what you call a bjtch with no soul

  42. Obvious McGregor talks shit to sell the fight.

    Thats how he was able to talk his way into 100 million in a fight that never shouldve happened vs. Mayweather.

  43. Dana biggest hypocrite and cocksucker I have ever seen in my life.

  44. conor is a dog that way he is shoutting
    khabiib is a silent lion 💪💪💪💪💪💪

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